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Mobile Legends MSCOne of the most important esports tournaments in the world is about to start and we couldn’t be more excited! It doesn’t actually matter if you’re a fan of Mobile Legends or not, because at this point, almost everybody has heard of the Southeast Asia Cup, also known as MSC!
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Coming Soon
YeagerAre you ready for what’s coming up in the Android gaming world? 2022 has just started and we have already got a glimpse of what we can expect in terms of BIG titles. And we mean BIG in every aspect, Yeager seems to feature a deep and immersive storyline, stunning graphics (just check the trailer...) and innovative dynamics in the combat system. Are you also excited about this new RPG?
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Your Opinion Matters!As you’ve probably noticed, Aptoide is a constantly evolving app store. Some time ago we didn’t even have features like e-Skills games, editorial articles or the dark mode, but thanks to your valuable opinion, we’ve worked hard to include these features in the biggest alternative app store. Your opinion helps us understand what you would like to see in Aptoide in the future. That’s why this is your chance to express yourself! Do you think your idea is too crazy? Challenge us! Fill in the survey below and let us know what the next Aptoide version should include.
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Mobile Legends
Best HeroesAre you one of the million players enjoying Mobile Legends on a daily basis? We totally get it—it’s one of the hits of the moment! This MOBA has been keeping us very entertained, but the truth is that we’re talking about a game with quite a high level of complexity and detail. What does this mean? Well, we just appreciate some help in terms of tips, tricks and, in this case, a bit of information about the amazing heroes you can find in this game. Do you already have a favorite? If not, have a look below and give them a try!
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Tips and Tricks
Among UsIt’s been more than one year since Among Us became our Game of the Week. Who would have expected it to take this long to take off? And look where we are now—it’s one of the most popular Android games of the last few months.... if not of 2020! We’ve spent many hours (seriously, a lot) trying to break down the best techniques to succeed as both a crewmate and an impostor. Want to know our conclusions? Keep reading!
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Perbarui Aplikasi Anda
Berita tentang Brawl StarsKami tahu bahwa Game Minggu Ini sampai sekarang menjadi tempat untuk mencari aplikasi dan game baru, tetapi kadang-kadang yang menghebohkan dunia Android itu bukan game yang baru, tapi pembaruan terkini! Kali ini kami menghadirkan pembaruan terkini dari salah satu aplikasi favorit kami: Brawl Stars!
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Clash of Kings image
Clash of KingsReady to become da king? Aptoide promotions are back with a special Clash of Kings edition! You’ll get extra bonuses in all purchases made between October 28th and 30th, with up to 55% bonus for you to build the best kingdom! Not enough? There will be a happy hour during these 3 days on which the bonus will reach up to 75% bonus in all purchases! Keep an eye on the AppCoins Wallet to make the purchase during this happy hour.
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New Feature
Dark Mode Is Here!After Whatsapp and Instagram... Aptoide is now available in Dark Mode! Our Team has been working hard to bring you the feature that everyone is talking about. It’s not only because its popularity, but also because it helps reducing eye strain and, in OLED displays, it saves battery!
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Tips and Tricks
Call of Duty MobileIt’s been a few months now and we can confirm it: Call of Duty Mobile is one of our favorite FTS for Android. It really matched the expectations we had from this well-known title in terms of graphics, controls and especially, gameplay. Adapting a game to a mobile device is not easy, but adapting YOUR game to such a little screen and limited controls is a massive challenge. So we’ve compiled a list of advices for you to become king of the battlefield.
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Earn AppCoins Credits
Get Rewarded for Trying Apps!Wanna get that item you’ve been desiring for ages? Thanks to AppCoins Credits you can now get it for free! It’s much easier than you think.
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