Mobile Legends MSC image
Mobile Legends MSCOne of the most important esports tournaments in the world is about to start and we couldn’t be more excited! It doesn’t actually matter if you’re a fan of Mobile Legends or not, because at this point, almost everybody has heard of the Southeast Asia Cup, also known as MSC!
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Infinity Kingdom image
Game of the Week
Infinity KingdomHave you ever thought of combining cartoon-style graphics and good-old strategy? If the answer is yes, be ready to add some historical figures to the combo because Infinity Kingdom has it all... and it’s our Game of the Week!
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Apex Legends Mobile image
Game of the Week
Apex Legends MobileA very long-awaited game has just joined the Android gaming world and we cannot be more excited. Coming from a well-known studio like EA Games, and with many years of entertainment provided to PC game players, we’re sure that Apex Legends Mobile is not only here to stay but also to provide us with hours and hours of fun. Let’s learn more about our Game of the Week!
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Dislyte image
Game of the Week
DislyteIs there a better way to celebrate the weekend than with an urban-mythological RPG? Probably not! And that’s the reason for Dislyte to be our Game of the Week! A not-so-distant future setting, mayhem gods, stunning graphics, engaging characters... It’s got all we want!
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Donut Punks image
Game of the Week
Donut PunksZombies, donuts and amazing graphics. We need nothing else to be sure that our Game of the Week will guarantee hours of fun. If we add a fun story and easy to learn controls, we actually have the perfect combo! Let’s check Donut Punks out!
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Mobile Legends: 515 Event image
Mobile Legends: 515 EventJoin your friends at this special event on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Our favorite 5v5 MOBA on which real players fight each other is hosting 515 M- World, a massive event with many surprises for all players. Want to know more? Keep reading!
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Upland image
Game of the Week
UplandOur Game of the Week this time is actually a door to a whole new universe in the Android gaming world. As technology evolves, new possibilities arrive for us to be entertained and enjoy some fun time on our mobile devices. Ready for the blockchain revolution brought to us by Upland?
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The Ancestral Legacy image
Game of the Week
The Ancestral LegacyThis week it’s all set up for the perfect combo of adventure, horror and mystery, because Buff Studio, the one that brought us Mystic Guardian, has made it again with a stunning visual novel game! Be ready to spend some quality time on the edge with The Ancestral Legacy, our Game of the Week.
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HEX image
Game of the Week
HEXSometimes, what we actually need in terms of Android gaming is not RPGs, racing, shooting or battle royales. A bit of old school puzzle games with a very pleasant relaxing vibe can satisfy our needs when we just need to calm down and take life a bit less seriously. Wanna give it a try? Discover HEX, an infinity game that we just appointed as our Game of the Week!
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Guns Up! image
Game of the Week
Guns Up!The Android gaming world is not a bubble, and many times we see games that come from other platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox and even PC. This week, we’ve got a twist on the classic tower defense games with a bit of a more casual and laid-back vibe. Are you ready for the adrenaline of Guns Up!? It’s our Game of the Week!
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